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Q&A With Top Producer Alondra Topete

There are more people needing, and even raising their hand, to get help with life insurance than ever before. Building a business to serve and protect more American families while achieving financial security.” – Alondra Topete, Agency Owner

Two years ago, Alondra Topete was like many 21-year-olds. She was waiting tables, had rent that was due, and continually had her feelers out for the next business where she could “be her own boss.” Then, she was introduced to selling life insurance with Family First Life USA.

Hear how Alondra shortened the learning curve to build a business she only dreamed of as a kid.

Question: What is your background and where did you grow up?

Answer: My parents moved to the United States from Mexico and I grew up watching them work from early morning to late at night. I didn’t see them very much and even as a kid I could tell that we were just getting by. I always wanted to “be a millionaire when I grew up” but after high school, I quickly realized that was pretty much a fairytale or something on TV.

Question: Did you have a lot of jobs and have to pay your own bills early on?

Answer: I had jobs that allowed for me to support myself, but there was always avoid. It was just trading hours for dollars, plus having bosses who didn’t have the best leadership and clients that really didn’t “need” the services or what we were selling. It’s like I was stuck, and felt all too often that I had a lid on what I was able to earn.

Question: How did you get into insurance?

Answer: I knew that people selling real estate earned 3% commissions. I met an insurance agent who offered me 30% commissions and was blown away. What I didn’t know, is that they didn’t have a system for me to find people in my community that I could help. Even worse, they must have been keeping some commissions to themselves because I quickly found Shawn Meaike and Family First Life offering new agents 90% commissions. Making the switch was common sense. I didn’t take it personally and made an easy business decision to be part of the fastest-growing insurance agency in the country, Family First Life USA.

Question: Why is Family First Life so special?

Answer: When someone lets a life insurance company pay for their funeral, pay off their mortgage or give their family a large sum of money, that person’s legacy is solidified. Bottom line, we’re helping families and helping people not be a burden to their loved ones. That is rewarding far beyond the money being deposited to my bank account. FFL is an agency that allows me to help a lot of families, including my own. They have access to leads, free training, offices to work out of, mentors like Andrew Taylor, technology, top commissions, bonuses, and the newest products.

I have seen so many people lose their jobs, go into debt, benefits cut, be evicted, and hit rock bottom. The Family First Life business model has been able to bring them out of all of that. It’s a model that works for anybody. It doesn’t matter age, background, experience, or personality type. This is simple and it puts the numbers in your favor.

Question: What is next for you?

Answer: I’m only 23 and I’ve been able to buy a house, save money, travel and many other things. But most importantly, I have been able to show others the steps I have taken, and they too are building a business in insurance. Yes, I have helped thousands of families myself, but showing others how to do it is so rewarding. This is a business I own, I run, and that anyone can excel at if they put in the work.

I am also building a business that has value because we are earning a profit. I can even pay myself and that is huge for a small business owner.

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